Chief Stitt Bio

Antonio F. Stitt was born in Cleveland Ohio on August 9, 1962, and is the oldest of five children, four boys and one girl. His mother and father were present and active in his life. To say the least, they both were strict disciplinarians. He graduated from John Adams High School in 1981. From there, he graduated from Airco Technical Institute and the Cleveland Heights Police Academy. He later married and was the stepfather of three boys and one girl, ranging in age from four to twelve.

He continued in his law enforcement career and advanced in rank. He is formally the Chief of Police for the Village of Highland Hills Police Department. He oversaw a 40-officer operation. As he advanced in his career, he experienced numerous encounters with young adults who seemed to have similar issues with taking instruction and following directions. He would talk to these individuals and try to encourage them. He was often successful in changing how these young adults viewed their parents, employers, and ultimately themselves.

This, along with constant prompting from other parents whose children he had assisted, encouraged him to establish a few programs designed to assist young people in their development into adulthood.  One of these programs is called “Man Talk.” He developed this program at a juvenile correctional facility. He would go there twice a week and mentor/coach young men on how not to repeat the same behavior that resulted in their incarceration. Since then, he has coached young people and their parents on concepts designed to bring understanding and harmony to the family structure.