Part 2 What To Do During A Traffic Stop

C. Stay in the car. If you get out of the car as soon as you stop, it may give the impression to the officer that you’re going to be aggressive or you have something to hide in the car. Just keep your bum in your seat.

D. Turn off engine, roll down the window, and turn on your dome lights. Make sure your hands and all passengers’ hands are in plain view and empty. 

D.1 The driver’s hands should be place on the steering wheel. 

D2. The front passenger’s hands should be placed on the dashboard.

 D3. The backseat passengers’ hands should be rested on headrest of the seat in front of them. 

Again, as soon as you come to a stop, turn off your engine and roll down your window. If it’s dark out, turn on your dome light so the officer can see what’s going on inside the vehicle as he approaches.