Tip’s From Judge Ryan Part 2

You may have heard that if you’re pulled over by a police officer in Pennsylvania, you are not legally required to comply with every request or demand. But what if the officer asks you to get out of your vehicle?

Supreme Court rulings in two cases — Pennsylvania v. Mimms in 1977 and Maryland v. Wilson in 1997 — held that an officer who pulls you over for allegedly violating a traffic law can require you and any passengers to get out of the vehicle. In real-life situations, though, knowing what to do in the event of a police stop is not always clear.

If you’re pulled over, what you say and do can have a significant impact on what happens next and on any criminal charges that might be filed against you. If you see blue lights in your rear-view mirror, it’s important to understand police traffic stop procedures along with your rights and duties under the law.